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Natural Balm - 700MG
Elva Vallandingham
Wonderful Stuff

This is the greatest stuff I have found for my leg nerve pain, I have one complaint I have had 3 jars of this and all three lids have been broken in half when I open them I have to find something to put on the jar so it won't dry out before I use it, its too expensive to lose any of it. why is this?

Lavender Balm - 700MG
Elva Vallandingham
Wonderful Stuff

I am so proud I found this my daughter in law gave me this for my birthday I have had severe pain in my legs for years could not go any where without hurting especially at night I walked the floor for hours trying to get relief now I sleep all night.I just ordered 2 more containers I like the lavender scent. Wish it was a little bit cheaper. Thanks!

Hi Elva!
We are so glad that you are enjoying your balm! You may benefit from a balm subscripton. Depending on how much you go through, we have 4 frequency options to chose from and all at a discount!
For more information check on this page: https://powerrackstrengthcbd.com/pages/subscriptions

Thank you for your support,
Power Rack Strength Customer Service

Easiest CBD Application

Really love the Power Rack Strength CBD roll-ons. The heat isn't crazy hot so you can handle repeat applications throughout the day for really troubled areas. Highly recommended.

Absolutely Wonderful!

This CBD balm works great to relieve some aching I experience after rehab exercises and at the end of the day. I began using it on my low back and neck, and now I’ll use it anywhere that feels tight, sore, or achy; it softens the discomfort by taking the edge off. It’s been helpful in the afternoons when I play mama chauffeur, picking up my kids from school and driving them to and from activities. Grateful! Also, the lemongrass smells amazing!

Takes The Edge Off

I’ve been working with Brian since September, and I’ve seen a huge difference over the past six months in winding down my pain and increasing daily living activities after my assessment and subsequent consults. In January, Brian suggested I try some of the CBD products from Power Rack Strength to see how it might help. Since using the sublingual drops, my pain has lessened even more; I started having pain-free days!! It even has helped reduce my anxiety and symptoms like muscle tension. It’s like it takes the edge off; it softens everything just a bit. After I finished my first bottle, I bought two more!

Buy these.

These peach rings are a game-changer for both my post-workout recovery and my spouse's seizure control protocol. They taste great, really help us relax before bed, and importantly, are THC-free which is a requirement were I work. On top of all that power rack has time and time again had incredible customer service. They are responsive, polite, and prompt anytime you reach out to them. I can't recommend these enough.

PRS CBD Topical Healing Balm - 700mg
Edward Driggers
Even A Little Goat

I just wanted to thank Brian for his helping me with one of my prized goats.Her name is Baby Girl and she had a disease called CAE which attacked her legs and other parts of her body just like Arthritis attacks the human body. But with Brian's help she had a much better quality of life and lived almost a year without severe pain.Thank You Brian for the support and knowledge you have to help one of my babies.If you or maybe you have a animal that's in pain CALL Brian and try out his products CBD drops or Balm .You will be glad you did Thank you again Brian

Natural Drops - 700MG
Dale Broussard
Not about the purchase…

I had a dumb a$& moment recently and lost my receipts and tracking info for a purchase…on a long shot I reached out, late on a weeknight to customer service. I was replied to within a 15-20 minute window and was advised they would look into the order the next morning. By 7am CST, there was an update on the order, the tracking and a message thanking me for reaching out. The product speaks for itself, but the customer service was ABOVE and BEYOND what I expected!

PRS CBD Cryo-Freeze Roll-On - 1000MG
Works magically!

Reached out to Brian and was fortunate to get some brief insight from him. I experience real intense femoral and sciatic nerve pain that keeps me up all night. Being a non fan of doctor prescribed pain meds I purchased this product for pain relief. First night of pain was immensely alleviated by this product and I finally was able to get some much needed rest.

PRS CBD Topical Healing Balm - 700mg
The best

I’ve had some form of back pain for over 15 years. This quickly led into taking prescribed medication as well as over the counter medications(never giving any great relief)!
Knowing Brian for years, I knew I could trust his opinion/suggestions. After a few days, I was amazed with the relief I felt!
I love both the roll on and healing balm. Neither product leaves residue or an unwanted smell like other products I’ve used.
I am no longer on medication, I’m able to workout several times a week and truly enjoy my day as well as rest well every night.
My only regret is not trying this line sooner.

PRS CBD Topical Healing Balm - 700mg
Cara W.
Wonderfully Smooth Formula, Great Results

This smooth balm goes on easily and absorbs quickly. The scent is light but not overpowering. I find this works great for muscle soreness and isn't greasy. Always nice to know these products are THC free for random drug testing events.

Fabulous Taste!

These THC free gummies are almost TOO good! Nice to satisfy the sweet tooth a little and at the same time level out the stress after a long day. I enjoy having one of these after work so I can relax and enjoy family time easier. No drowsiness, just a subtle relaxation provided.

Essential Pain Relief Roll-On!

I love this CBD oil roll on product!! It's so convenient to take with me, the menthol provides me quick pain relief while the CBD oil absorbs and takes over. The smell is not overpowering either. I use this on temples and neck for headaches, and only any other aches or pains I may have. The packaging has never leaked in my bag EVER and a little has gone a long way. This product is always in my closet.

Better Sleep

This CBD oil helps me have a better sleep. The drops are an easy way to meter any dose you would want. I found the Natural Flavor to be very mild and easy to take. They did not make me sleepy in case my plans changed. Simple to use and in health care I am subject to random drug tests. I breathe easy knowing I can trust Brian's product to be THC-free.

Works great!

I take before bed and post heavy training, helps me relax and come down from training and or stimulants.

PRS CBD Topical Healing Balm - 700mg
Cody Ritchey
Life saver

Great under rated product! I love using the balm for muscle tightness. Work it in with a massage for some relief and help with recovery. Couldn’t recommend more

High quality

High quality drops with spot on taste. I’ll take before bed when I want to switch up from the gummies. Great sleep and wake up feeling awesome!


Taste, quality and sleep couldn’t be better. Our bed tracks sleep quality, without fail on nights I use the gummies my sleep score is always better compared when I don’t use them.

Pre workout gold

I use this anytime I’ve got nagging issues pre workout. Helps every time and last well past the workout! Great product!

These are great in every way

These gummies are not only delicious but they contain a high grade CBD. Highly recommend

PRS CBD Topical Healing Balm - 700mg
Great Find!!

After many years of accounting using a calculator, computer and gripping pencils, my hands decided enough was enough. I’ve suffered with non-operative carpal tunnel for years and was recently diagnosed with Osteoarthritis. Discovering Power Rack Strength CBD Topical Healing Balm has been such a blessing. I can use it any time of day for relief in seconds, but my favorite is using it at bedtime. It helps me sleep without hand or wrist pain, and the scent is wonderful. I use the sage scented balm at night because I find it very relaxing, and the Lemongrass scented balm during the day for the uplifting and invigorating fragrance. Whatever scent you choose I am confident you too will enjoy the pain relief.

I love this stuff!

After serving 35 rewarding years on the Fire Department climbing ladders and carrying heavy equipment, as well as lifting and carrying patients, and yes, jumping in and out of fire engines, my body has decided to pay me back for not taking better care of it.
Thankfully, I have discovered Power Rack Strength and all their superb products. I am currently enjoying the CBD Cryo-Freeze roll-on. It begins to work immediately upon application. Quick and effective pain relief combines with the icy menthol component, making and is invigorating. I encourage anyone with joint issues to combine this product with a sensible fitness program.
You will appreciate the relief instantly.

Almost too good

These gummies taste fantastic, I have to be careful not to eat too many. They chill me right out at the end of a long day, and help me fall asleep and stay asleep better than just about anything else I've tried. Two big thumbs up for these gummies.

PRS CBD Topical Healing Balm - 700mg
Zane Geeting
Unbelievable results

Brian's CBD balm has given me amazing results. I never would have believed how well it could alleviate pain and inflammation had I not experienced it first hand. After 20+ years of competitive powerlifting, lots of injuries, and tons of inflammation, I'm totally off of any pain meds or NSAIDs. I've been using the CBD balm exclusively for a couple years now. I can't recommend this stuff enough.

Amazing for Sleep

10mg of CBD Isolate drops and 1 gummy and extremely solid sleep that night.