I was about to have to quit my job - it was just too much -  but I looked at my desk, and there were PRS drops that I got from Brian. To be honest, I was skeptical. I was far too stressed out and was at my wit's end. So I said 'what the hell' and started using Brian's sublingual drops 3x per day for the next three days. It took the edge off of the chaos of work, and I was able to make it through the next week where things slowed down, and I've been able to take my dose down to 20mg a day, and I feel perfect.

Alex S.

The cbd drops are a God send.I fell off the train taking them once i started sleeping good. Then work and powerlifting have gotten to be a lot with the travel. Anxiety sky high… started the drops again and for the most restful sleep last night… almost 11hrs 😂

Monica R

The taste of both the Natural and the Cinnamon sublingual drops were a welcomed change from the cheaper versions (which taste horrid) you find at smoke shops and CBD stores, that alone was worth the change to PRS brand.

Kay M.

As an LEO, I have to be SURE that anything I take will not create a positive test (Brian has purity testing for all his products). Most brands are not this transparent. I have extreme confidence in Brian, and the PRS CBD brand so about 2 months ago, I gave the balm a try for my biceps tendonitis and it's cut down the pain from a 8/10 daily to some days ZERO pain!

Josh R.