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Why you can use PRS CBD products without having to worry about failing a drug test!

Why you can use PRS CBD products without having to worry about failing a drug test!

"I'm scared to death to fail a drug test, otherwise I would love to try your CBD." Says every Fire, police, military and truck driver that I know...

Every product in our line is 100% CBD isolate

The reply above is not very uncommon. I probably either hear this, or at least read this from a customer about every day. Unfortunately, over the last few years, many CBD brands have rolled out inferior concoctions of CBD that is not tested, not verified to be ONLY CBD, and has cause some people a lot of heartache and trouble. 

Solution: PRS CBD with purity tests- we use only CBD isolate extracted from hemp, and there is never any THC in our Sublingual drops, Topical Balms or our Cryo-freeze roll-on products. Not even the .3% which is allowed, federally. 

Most of the brands you see at the grocery store, gas station, smoke-shops, even CBD stores is what is referred to as "Full or broad spectrum." The problem with these blends is you don't truly know what you are getting because they aren't forced to disclose this as CBD is not regulated by the FDA, so quality control is an issue. 

1. They don't provide purity tests - you truly don't know the ingredients you are taking. Pesticides, heavy metals and poisons are not uncommon with a market that is highly unregulated. 

2. Other brands (full or broad spectrum formulas) use other cannabinoids (not just CBD, but THC, CBG, CBN etc.) which may or may not help you feel any better. Think of a multivitamin that has 100mg of vitamin-C. That's simply a filler, because we know the daily requirements are in the grams, not milligrams. 

3.Worse, the federal Gov't allows up to .3% THC to be in your CBD while still remaining legal. Now do you want to take that chance of popping a positive drug test? I sure wouldn't. 

It's the Wild West out there right now - everyone has their own brand of CBD -- Our goal with PRS CBD is to provide a trustworthy brand of CBD that you can use, priced reasonably, while overdelivering on results. 


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